Employee Corner

For the convenience of our staff, UPCSA has made frequently used forms available online. We would like for all of our employees to become acquainted with using email as a way to submit forms.

All you need is a scanner! You can scan your paperwork into your computer, attach the form to your email, and then send it to us! It is always good to do a read receipt when sending paperwork by email.

The forms include: timesheets, all progress notes, time off forms, incident reports, and any of your certifications that we request of you.

All employees please send timesheets and mileage forms to payroll@ucpsa.org.

All other paperwork should be sent to staff@ucpsa.org.

We welcome any suggestions.

Employee Handbook

To access the Employee Handbook and online acknowledgement page, click here.

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2019 Employee Calendar

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Skylight Payroll Card

In addition to direct deposit, UCPSA now offers the Skylight payroll card to employees. For more information, please visit the following links.

Employees’ Payroll Information

UCPSA uses the iSolved HR and Payroll platform which allows employees to access their pay stubs and tax forms as well as the ability to update direct deposit accounts, tax withholdings, contact information, and much more. Employees with a valid email address will receive an automated email with instructions on how to access the iSolved platform. Employees may login in to iSolved at:


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Payroll Department at 520.795.3108.

Tax Withholding Calculator

This helpful online tool can help you estimate your tax withholdings and take-home pay based on your individual circumstances, tax allowances, and deductions.

Tax Withholding Calculator

Downloadable PDF Forms

Note: these files are in PDF format.  You will need to have a PDF Reader to open them.  To download a PDF Reader, click here.