New UCPSA Committee to Provide Financial Assistance to Members and UCPSA Staff


UCPSA wants to help our employees and members/families experiencing financial need. We understand that anyone can run into a rough patch, so we have formed the C.A.R.E. Committee (Community, Acceptance, Respect, and Empathy) to provide some assistance. This Committee will meet monthly and review the applications for assistance that have been received. If we can fund your financial request, the check will be made out directly to the service provider (i.e., Discount Tire, Tucson Electric Power, Fry’s, BJ’s Auto Repair, etc.).

C.A.R.E. may also refer you to community resources for ongoing support or suggestions for other funding sources before paying for the requested item. We hope to help as many of the applicants as possible through a variety of support and resources.

The application is available at under information and employee corner and the form can be filled out on the website and submitted to the Committee directly from that page. We will also need a copy of an invoice submitted with a total for the item/service being requested prior to funding determination. If you have any questions about the process or the work of the Committee, please contact one of the following people:

Tucson or Green Valley: Tina Higdon 520-344-8200

Yuma: Maria Vidrio 928-259-770


UCPSA quiere ayudar a nuestros empleados y miembros / familias que experimentan necesidades financieras. Entendemos que cualquiera puede encontrarse en un momento difícil, por lo que hemos formado el Comité C.A.R.E. (Comunidad, Aceptación, Respeto y Empatía) para brindar ayuda. Este Comité se reunirá mensualmente y revisará las solicitudes de asistencia que se hayan recibido. Si podemos ayudar con su solicitud financiera, el cheque se hará directamente al proveedor de servicios (es decir, Discount Tire, Tucson Electric Power, Fry's, BJ's Auto Repair, APS, Southwest Gas, etc.).

C.A.R.E. también puede referirlo a recursos de la comunidad para obtener apoyo continuo o sugerencias para otras fuentes de financiamiento antes de pagar el artículo solicitado. Esperamos ayudar a tantos de los solicitantes como sea posible a través de una variedad de apoyo y recursos.

La solicitud está disponible en en el rincón de información y empleados y el formulario puede llenarse en el sitio web y enviarse al Comité directamente desde esa página. También necesitaremos una copia de una factura enviada con un total para el artículo / servicio que se solicita antes de la determinación de la financiación. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre el proceso o el trabajo del Comité, comuníquese con una de las siguientes personas:

Tucson o Green Valley: Tina Higdon 520-344-8200

Yuma: María Vidrio 928-259-7700


The purpose of this Committee is to provide a potential source of funds for UCPSA employees and members in the event of an emergent need. These funds may be considered if the request meets the requirements/parameters established by the Committee. Funds will be provided only as a last resort after having determined that other resources are not available (i.e., community services, Bellows Fund, personal advance, natural supports, etc.). Referrals for UCPSA volunteers may be generated from this Committee as appropriate (i.e., need for yard work, taking care of pets while being hospitalized, short-term meal preparation, etc.).

The Committee will be comprised of representatives from each department within UCPSA, and shall convene at least quarterly and as often as monthly if there are pending applications for review. A set amount of funds will be made available from UCPSA each month. If the funds are not exhausted in full, the balance remaining will roll over and be added to the new monthly allocation.

Minutes and Committee member attendance for each meeting will be kept for reference. Financial accounting of all funds spent and accompanying documentation will be maintained.

Applications will be considered if:

  1. The applicant is a current employee of UCPSA or a member receiving services from UCPSA.
  2. The form is filled out completely, including an attached estimate or invoice for the item/service being requested.
  3. There are no other avenues or sources identified from which to obtain funding.
  4. The request is deemed necessary to ensure the health, safety, and/or well-being of the person.
  5. Funds for the request can be paid directly to a vendor or service provider.
  6. The applicant has not received funding from the Committee within the prior 6 months unless the request is deemed an emergency.
  7. The Committee provided possible community resources, and the applicant followed up but was unsuccessful in obtaining the service/requested item.

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