UCPSA Programs & Services

Every day, UCPSA helps children and adults with all types of disabilities by providing the very best home-based support services in Tucson and Yuma. Services offered include personal care, hygiene, light housekeeping, cooking, and other household chores related to the care of consumers.

UCPSA also offers respite to parents and guardians of individuals with disabilities in order to give them time-off from their regular care giving responsibilities.

Behavioral services, behavioral training, and various habilitation services, such as independent living, are also offered.

Through UCPSA’s WorkAbility program, individuals with disabilities are prepared for competitive, integrated, and sustainable work opportunities in the Tucson.

ASCEND (Autism Services Cultivating the Exceptional and Nurturing their Development) is a specialty program of UCP of Southern Arizona that offers Early Childhood Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to children under the age of 6 who have been diagnosed with autism or are at high risk of being diagnosed with autism.

In an effort to fulfill our commitment to reaching out to as many families as possible, UCPSA receives funding support from the following sources: