PhoneEmailDaysTimesServiceCross StreetsSpecial RequirementsAction
(520) 344-8218cbrowne@ucpsa.orgE/O Saturday12pm-5pmRSPKolb & SunriseFemale provider; Must have P & S training.
(520) 344-8210lholly@ucpsa.orgEither Monday, Wednesday or Friday & SundayMonday & Friday 3pm-8pm; Wednesday 2pm-7pm & Sunday 12pm-4pmRSPBraodway & Craycroft and River & CraycroftMale or Female provider; must be able to transport
(520) 344-7210lholly@ucpsa.orgSaturday4pm-8:30pmRSP/HAH5th Street & SwanMale or female provider; must be able to transport
(520) 344-8209frodriguez@ucpsa.orgSaturday OR Sundaybetween the hours of 8am-8pm (The shifts could be up to 11hrs)RSPCorona De Tucson (Houghton & Camino Del Toro)Male or female provider
(520) 344-8209frodriguez@ucpsa.orgWednesday, Saturday & SundayWednesday 3pm-8pm; Saturday and Sunday- times are flexibleRSP6th Ave & AjoMale or female provider
(520) 344-8218cbrowne@ucpsa.orgSaturday, Monday & TuesdayMonday & Tuesday 4pm-8pm & Saturday-8am-3:30pm ( the start & end times are flexible)ATCSkyline & AlvernonFemale provider
(520) 344-8209frodriguez@ucpsa.orgMonday3:45pm-7:00pmHAHFt Lowell & AlvernonMale or female provider
(520) 344-8208jdavila@ucpsa.orgMonday- FridayMonday- Wednesday-9pm-10pm & Thursday & Friday 9:45pm-10:45pmATCPark & IrvingtonFemale provider; must be able to lift ***These shifts are higher hourly rate***
(520) 344-8218cbrowne@ucpsa.orgSaturday9am-12pm & 7pm-9pmATCPrince & CampbellFemale provider; must be able to lift & transport
(520) 344-8218cbrowne@ucpsa.orgSaturday10am-3pm or 11am-4pmRSP22nd & ColumbusMale provider; must be able to transport
(520) 344-8218cbrowne@ucpsa.orgSaturday & Sunday4hr shift each day between the hours of 9am-7pmRSPSunrise & CraycroftMale provider; must be able to transport
(520) 344-8219ctanner@ucpsa.orgSaturday1pm-6pmATCKolb & Golf LinksMale or female provider
(520) 344-8233glarribas@ucpsa.orgMonday, Tuesday, Friday & SaturdayMonday-7am-3pm;Tuesday-9am-1pm & 6pm-9pm; Friday;12:30pm-9pm & Saturday 10am-9pmATC2/RSP22nd Street & WilmotMale or female provider; Must be able to transport
(520) 344-8216hwickwire@ucpsa.orgTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday OR Friday3pm-5:30pm or 3:30pm-6pmRSP1st & PrinceFemale provider; must be able to transport
(520) 344-8216hwickwire@ucpsa.orgMonday, Thursday & SaturdayMon. & Thurs.- 9pm-12pm & Sat. -8am-11amATCOld Spanish Tr. & EscalanteMale provider
(520) 344-8233glarribas@ucpsa.orgEvery other Monday or Sunday8:30pm-3:30pm on either day OR 8:30am-12pm on Monday & SaturdayHSKSilverbell & Camino Del CerroMale or female provider
(520) 344-8210lholly@ucpsa.orgMonday, Wednesday & FridayMon.&Fri.-3pm-6pm & Wed.-2pm-6pmRSPBroadway & CraycroftMale or female provider; must be able to transport
(520) 344-8239ayoung@ucps.orgSaturday4:30pm-6:30pm-HID5th Street & WilmotFemale provider
(520) 344-8239ayoung@ucps.orgTuesday3pm-8pmATC1st & Naranja (Oro Valley)Male or female provider; must be able to lift
(520) 344-8233glarribas@ucpsa.orgTuesday & Wednesday3:30pm-8pmHAH/RSPSunrise & CraycroftFemale provider; Must be able to transport
(520) 344-8224mhonkanen@ucpsa.orgMonday, Thursday, Friday- Sat. & Sun.Mon.-5pm-8pm; Thurs.-3pm-6pm; Fri.- any 3 hour shift & Sat. & Sun.- flexible hoursHAH/RSPTanque Verde & Sabino CanyonFemale provider; must be able to transport