PhoneEmailDaysTimesServiceCross StreetsSpecial RequirementsAction
(520) 344-8209tgrappe@ucpsa.orgWednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday11:30am-4:30pmRSPHarrison & 22ndMale or female provider, must be able to lift
(520) 344-8209tgrappe@ucpsa.orgMonday,Tuesday & Wednesday9am-3pm or 10am-4pmHAIWilmot & 5th StreetMale or female provider
(520) 344-8219lwrucke@ucpsa.orgThursday to Friday10pm-7amANCGrant and SwanMale or female provider;must be able to lift ***This an overnight shift***
(520) 344-8239crivenbark@ucpsa.orgMonday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and SundayMon., Thurs., Fri. & Sun. 3:30pm-10pm & Sat.-8am-3:30pmHID2Grant and SwanFemale provider
(520) 344-8233mclark@ucpsa.orgMonday, Tuesday & Thursday3:30pm-8pmANCOro Valley (Naranja & N 1st Ave.)Female provider; must be able to lift
(520) 344-8216egolay@ucpsa.orgSaturday9am-1pmRSPMission & ValenciaMale or female provider
(520) 344-8209tgrappe@ucpsa.orgFriday & Saturday9am-2pmHAHI/10 & CongressFemale provider; must be able transport ** Same provider for both shifts- Friday & Saturday **
(520) 344-8206rlopez@ucpsa.orgFriday4pm-6:30pmANCWetmore & LaChollaFemale provider
(520) 344-8277rgomez@ucpsa.orgMonday- Friday & Saturday & Sundaymorning, afternoon and eveningECHall over the Tucson areaPlease contact Raelene if you are interested in working with the ASCEND program and for more information.
(520) 344-8224mpuig@ucpsa.orgTuesday or Wednesdayafter 11am- 2 to 3 hour shiftANC/RSPOrange Grove and 1st Ave.Male or female provider
(520) 344-8208jdavila@ucpsa.orgMonday- Friday2:30pm-7pmANCSwan & 22nd StreetFemale provider; must be able to lift and transport consumer. **prefers same provider for all shifts Monday- Friday**
(520) 344-8216egolay@ucpsa.orgWednesday3:30pm-6:30pm or 4pm-7pmRSPPantano & Golf LinksFemale provider
(520) 344-8216egolay@ucpsa.orgMonday- Friday6am-8:30am & 4pm-7pmANCCampbell & SunriseMale or female provider
(520) 344-7224mpuig@ucpsa.orgSaturday or Sunday6 hour shift anytimeRSPVailMale or female provider;must be able to transport
(520) 344-8208jdavila@ucpsa.orgFriday3:30pm-9pmANCHarrison & Golf LinksMale or female provider; must be able to lift
(520) 344-8224mpuig@ucpsa.orgMonday- Friday & Sat. & Sun.Mon.-Fri.-3:30pm-8:30pm & Sat. & Sun.- 12pm-5pmHAH/RSPCraycroft & SunriseMale or female provider; must be able to transport
(520) 344-8219lwrucke@ucpsa.orgSaturday & Sunday7:30am-9:30am & 4:30pm-7:30pm or 5pm-8pmANCOrange Grove and 1st AveMale or female provider
(520) 347-6950acruz@uscpsa.orgMonday- Friday & weekendsMorning, Afternoon & EveningsAll ServicesGreen Valley/ Sahuarita areaMale & female providers; Please contact Alexis if you interested in working Green Valley/Sahuarita areas.