Program ManagerPhoneEmailDaysTimesServiceCross StreetsSpecial RequirementsAction
Alexis Cruz(520) 347-6950Acruz@ucpsa.orgvarious daysvarious timesANC; RSP; HAH; HSKGreen Valley and Sahuarita areaMale and female providers
Sidney McCarty(520) 344-8210Smccarty@ucpsa.orgSaturday & WednesdaySaturday-4 hours mid-morning or early afternoon & Wed.-3 hours in the eveningANCKolb & SpeedwayMale or female provider
Raelene Nigma(520) 344-8277Rnigma@ucpsa.orgTuesday- Friday4pm-7pm ( flexible)ECHLa Canada & Orange GroveFemale provider
Raelene Nigma(520) 344-8277Rnigma@ucpsa.orgWednesday5:30pm-9:30pmRSPTucson Blvd & 22nd StreetFemale provider
Racheal Rivera(520) 344-8216Rrivera@ucpsa.orgSaturday4:30pm-7:30pmRSPIna & Mona LisaMale or female provider
Racheal Rivera(520) 344-8216Rrivera@ucpsa.orgTuesday4pm-6pmRSP/HAHCortaro Rd & HartmanMale or female provider
Mick Salik(520) 344-8209Msalik@ucpsa.orgSunday & MondaySunday-flexible times & Mon.-4pm-6pmRSPHoughton & Rita Rd.Female provider
Mick Salik(520) 344-8209Msalik@ucpsa.orgThursday or Friday12pm-6:30pm or 1pm-7:30pmHAH & RSPCorona de TucsonMale provider; must be able transport
Mick Salik(520) 344-8209Msalik@ucpsa.orgFriday & SaturdaySat.-6:30am-2:30pm & Fri.-4pm-9pmANC/HAHGlenn & AlvernonMale or female provider
Lisa Wrucke(520) 344-8219Lwrucke@ucpsa.orgSaturday12pm-4:30pmANCWilmot & BroadwayMale or female provider
Lily Schmidt(520) 344-8224Lschmidt@ucpsa.orgSunday4 hour shift anytimeRSPBroadway & AlvernonMale or female provider; must be able to transport
Lily Schmidt(520) 344-8224Lschmidt@ucpsa.orgMonday- Friday; Sat. & Sun.Mon.-Fri.-6am-8am & Sat. & Sun.-4 hours in the morningRSPRoger & StoneFemale provider
Lily Schmidt(520) 344-8224Lschmidt@ucpsa.orgSaturday4pm-10pmHIDGrant & CraycroftFemale provider
Danie Woodward(520) 344-8243Dwoodward@ucpsa.orgMonday- Friday7am-8:30amHAHWilmot & 22nd StreetMale or female provider
Mick Salik(520) 344-8209Msalik@ucpsa.orgMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & SaturdayMon.,Tues.,Fri.-3:30pm-7pm; Thurs.-5pm-7pm & E/O Sat.-11am-2pmHAH & RSPAlvernon & Benson HwyMale or female provider
Lisa Wruke(520) 344-8219Lwrucke@ucpsa.orgSunday6pm-8pmANC12th Ave & IrvingtonMale or female provider; must be able to lift
Lisa Wruke(520) 344-8219Lwrucke@ucpsa.orgSaturday to SundaySaturday- 7am-2pm & 9pm to Sunday-3amANCGrant & SwanMale or female provider; must be able to lift
Lily Schmidt(520) 344-8224Lschmidt@ucpsa.orgThursday & SaturdayThurs.-6am-8am; Sat.-8am-3pmHIDSpeedway & PantanoFemale provider
Lily Schmidt(520) 344-8224Lschmidt@ucpsa.orgFriday5:30pm-9pm (somewhat flexible)HAH & RSPAlvernon & BroadwayMale provider **This shift will begin in December**
Danie Woodward(520) 344-8243Dwoodward@ucpsa.orgSaturday & SundaySat.-10:30am-8:30pm & Sun.-8:30am-8:30pmHIDSpeedway & Camino SecoFemale provider; must be able to transport
Danie Woodward(520) 344-8243Dwoodward@ucpsa.orgMonday- Thursday3:30pm-5:30pm or 4pm-6pmHAHGolf Links & WilmotMale or female provider
Sidney McCarty(520) 344-8210Smccarty@ucpsa.orgSaturday10am-1pm or 10:30am-1:30pmANCOld Spanish Trail . & IrvingtonMale provider; must be able to lift
Sidney McCarty(520) 344-8210Smccarty@ucpsa.orgWednesday & Thursday7:30pm-9:30pmANCU of A areaMale or female provider; must be able to lift.
Maria Ojeda(520) 344-8204Mojeda@ucpsa.orgFriday to Saturday; Saturday to Sunday11pm-7amANC212th Ave. & IrvingtonMale or female provider; bilingual ***These shifts are overnight shifts***
Mick Salik(520) 344-8209Msalik@ucpsa.orgMonday- SaturdayMonday-Friday- 7am-8:30am;Mon.,Wed.,Fri.-3:50pm-7pm; Tues.-3:50pm-5:15pm; Thur.-3:50pm-4:50pm; Sat.-8:30am-11amHAH & RSPAlvernon & 22nd StreetFemale provider
Lisa Wrucke(520) 344-8219Lwrucke@ucpsa.orgMonday & SaturdayMon.--6pm-8pm & Sat.-8am-1pmANCShannon & OvertonMale or female provider; must be able to lift
David Martinez(520) 344-8233Dmartinez@ucpsa.orgTuesday & Thursday12pm-5pmRSPCraycroft & Ft. LowellFemale provider ***The shift will be a temporary shift in November only***
Danie Woodward(520) 344-8243Dwoodward@ucpsa.orgMonday- SaturdayMonday- Friday 3:30pm-8pm & Saturday Flexible time & hoursHAB/RSPSilverbell & GrantMale or female provider
Lisa Wruke(520) 344-8219Lwrucke@ucpsa.orgMonday, Tuesday & Wednesday & Friday1:30pm-4:30pmRSPCortaro & ThornydaleMale or female provider; must be able to transport
Lisa Wruke(520) 344-8219Lwrucke@ucpsa.orgSunday7:30am-10:30am & E/O Sunday- 4:45pm-7:30pmANCOrange Grove & 1st AveMale or female provider
Lisa Wrucke(520) 344-8219Lwrucke@ucpsa.orgTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & SaturdayThurs.-9:45pm-10:45pm;Fri.-10pm-11pm;Sat.-5:30pm-7:30pm & E/O Sat.-9:45pm-10:45pm Sun./ Tues./Wed.-5pm-7pmANCGrant & CraycroftFemale provider; must be able to lift
Lisa Wrucke(520) 344-8219Lwrucke@ucpsa.orgDaily6am-8am & 6pm-9pmHAICongress & StoneFemale provider; must be able to lift