PhoneEmailDaysTimesServiceCross StreetsSpecial RequirementsAction
(520) 344-8218Cbrowne@ucpsa.orgSunday8 am - 1 pmRespiteMagee and La ChollaFemale provider. Assist the client with tasks as needed.
(520) 344-8233glaribas@ucpsa.orgW, ThuMorning Or evening As early as 8 am until 8 pmHAH/RSPRoger and Flowing wellsMust be up to date with C-19 Vaccination. Preferred DCW would be energetic and active, and likes to walk, hike, and do community outings.
(520) 344-8204rrivera@ucpsa.orgSaturday and Sunday7 am - 3 pm (Saturdays) Sunday (7 am - 3 pmATC12th and IrvingtonKnowledge of Hoyer Lift; Attendant care higher paid. Help with meals, bathing, dressing, and personal care.
(520) 344-8219tgerlowski@ucpsa.orgSaturdays and Sundays9am-12pmRSP/ATCMission and San Xavier RdAssist with ADLs such as changing the members brief, needs total assistance with toileting. Ensure that the member is comfortable and gets his meals.
(520) 344-8219tgerlowski@ucpsa.orgM-Th8pm-9:30pmRSPGolf Links and CraycroftYoung boy that enjoys video games is high energy; shift to assist with the bedtime routine.
(520) 344-8219tgerlowski@ucpsa.orgWednesday and ThursdayFlexible - afternoonsRSPWilmot and PimaMember comes with a lot of energy. She enjoys playing video games, painting, and exploring the town. Active staff preferred, transportation to the community if a good fit
(520) 344-8219tgerlowski@ucpsa.orgFlexible 2 days a weekFlexible 3 hour shiftsRespiteSandario/Mile WildeRespite provided to mother and member is non-verbal.
(520) 344-8219tgerlowski@ucpsa.orgE/O Friday5pm-10:30pmHAITucson Blvd/BroadwayMale member needs help with light housekeeping and meal preparation. Member also needs assistance completing daily tasks such as getting out of bed and getting dressed for the day.
(520) 344-8219tgerlowski@ucpsa.orgM-Th2pm-5pm or 6pmRSP29th and Pantano2-3 hours during the day where staff could do activities such as reading, listening to music, or doing sports-related activities (weather permitting)
(520) 344-8219tgerlowski@ucpsa.orgM,T,W,F two of the four days9am-10:30amHAHSilverbell/CortaroMale member needs assistance getting ready in the mornings (bathing, etc.)
(520) 344-8219tgerlowski@ucpsa.orgSaturday1-6 pmATCKolb/Golf LinksSupervision care. All meals are pre-prepped for the member. Looking for Someone w/energy, positive!, likes crafts, and swimming (he has a pool)
(520) 344-8219tgerlowski@ucpsa.orgSat, Mon, Thu9:30am-12:30pmATCOld Spanish Trail/Irvington RdMember is in a wheelchair full time. Assistance with feeding/ toileting/ bathing etc. Overhead Hoyer lift installed in the home. He is very easygoing. He loves people's company. No cognitive delay. Mother is okay with bilingual speakers.
(520) 344-8219tgerlowski@ucpsa.orgFridayFlexible ( 2 hour shift)HAHThornydale/Cortaro FarmsHabilitation goals
(520) 344-8239pgallimore@ucps.orgSaturdays7:30am -5:30pmRSPIna/ SwanRespite provided to the family for a young boy. Member enjoys playing video games and community outings, preferably a male provider.
(520) 344-8224mhonkanen@ucpsa.orgAny (preferably weekdays)24 hours total any 3-5 hour long shifts after 10am before 7pmATC/HAHFt Lowell/DodgeGeneral housekeeping (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cleaning restroom), meal preparation, as needed, companionship, grocery shopping, some personal care as needed (e.g., stand-by shower assist, cleaning of bedside commode, etc.)
(520) 344-8206lrountree@ucpsa.orgFridayAfter 5pmHAHThornydale and Linda vista blvdfamily needs help with teaching young boy appropriate way to engage in his daily activities.
(520) 344-8206lrountree@ucpsa.orgSunday, Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, SaturdaySunday 1p-9p, Monday 5p-9p,Tuesdays 5p-9pm, Wednesdays 2p-9p, Thursday 5p-9p, Friday 5p-9p, Saturday 5p-9pATC/RSP22nd and WilmotVerbally engaging and willing to do activities with the clients. Duties differ for each boy but include prompting to eat, verbal redirection, help cleaning up after themselves, and some toileting. Occasional trips to the park.
(520) 344-8206lrountree@ucpsa.orgMonday-Friday (Any two days)5p to 7-9pmHAH and ATCRita Ranch/ HoughtonYoung woman, with great verbal skills. Learning independence.
(520) 344-8206lrountree@ucpsa.orgSaturday, SundaySat: 7am-9am and 5:30p-7:30p and 9:45p-10:45p, Sunday 5p-7pATCIrvington and ParkToileting the client, changing briefs, cooking meals, and light housekeeping. The member has a service dog.
(520) 344-8210lholly@ucpsa.orgSaturday or Sunday, possibly Tuesday or Wednesday eveningsat least 4 hoursRSPCorona De TucsonProvider respite to the member; family is willing to drive member into town to attend community outings.
(520) 344-8210lholly@ucpsa.orgTuesday and Thursday10am-2pmHAITanque Verde/WilmotAssist member with light housekeeping and errands member may want to run.
(520) 344-8216kacero@ucpsa.orgSat & Sun 9 am to 9:30 pm. Mon thru Friday 2:45pm to 9:30pmSat & Sun 9 am to 9:30 pm. Mon thru Friday 2:45pm to 9:30pmANC/HAH/RSPRiver & CampbellAssist in day-to-day needs & therapies (privately paid) & develop independence thru the use of HAH goals. Focus on member during family events
(520) 344-8216kacero@ucpsa.orgMondays or Fridays only at this time3-6 pmHAHN. Craycroft/ E Placita Alta ResposaWork on hab goals, improve social skills, improve IDALs, pick up member from school or other events, and go into the community to work on social skills and communication/money goals. Must transport.
(520) 344-8216kacero@ucpsa.orgAny day but Fridayweekday:5-8, Saturday any time after 9amRSPPantano Rd and E WrightstownInteract with the member, may take him to the park, or ride a bike near home.
(520) 344-8216kacero@ucpsa.orgSaturdayAny available hoursRespiteRoger and Flowing WellsRSP shift but more like an ANC shift. Must be able to deadlift a 50lb boy. Must keep him clean and dry. D You will need to interact with him, play on the floor/chair ect with him. Keep him safe Must have a C-19 Vaccine.
(520) 344-8216kacero@ucpsa.orgSaturday or Sunday10-2 (Can be shortened)RSP22nd and KolbA must be able to bare the weight of the client. Social Staff that likes to go out into the community with the member.
(520) 344-8216kacero@ucpsa.orgMondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays5pm-8pmHAH and RSPOracle and RiverHabilitation to help the member complete certain tasks. Respite when he is at his mom's home.
(520) 344-8216kacero@ucpsa.orgSaturdays6pm-11pm or 6pm-12amRespite1st ave and PrinceEngage with the member in games and activities. Assist in nighttime routine. Partner with the member as she cleans up after playing.
(520) 344-8216kacero@ucpsa.orgSaturday9a-1pHab/RspI10/CortaroProvide respite to male member and or work on Habilitation goals with member.
(520) 344-8216kacero@ucpsa.orgWeekday afternoons (may change based on schedule)4pm-8pmRSPAjo and 6th aveSomeone energetic and creative, who does not scare off easily. Member may try to run, but if you can keep an eye on him and keep him engaged in activities of interest, he does really well.
(520) 344-8233glarribas@ucpsa.orgM,T, W, ThMonday 230p-530p - Tues and Thurs 215pm-530pm -Wed 1215p-530pmRSP and HAHRancho Vistoso and TangerineMember enjoys playing outside, reading books, and playing with his hot wheels cars. A preferable provider would be Energetic, but can also provide an authority figure for the member.
(520) 344-8233glarribas@ucpsa.orgTuesdays, Saturdays or Sundays (Right now Weekends are priority)Saturdays and Sundays 3pm-6pm, 6pm-9pm (every other Saturday) Tuesday 6pm-8pmRSP/ HAHI-10 and ValenciaActive and engaging, but can also demonstrate authority when needed.
(520) 344-8233glarribas@ucpsa.orgTuesday - Saturday and 1 or 2 of those days12 pm - 3 pmATC/HAH/RSP29th and HarrisonAssist with HAH goals. Other shifts include being active (hiking, gym, swimming). Also might need help preparing a healthy meal or snack and cleaning up members room.
(520) 344-8233glarribas@ucpsa.orgAny week day besides WednesdayHours can be inbetween the follwing blocks of time. Mondays 9am-4pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-6pm, Fridays 2pm-8pm, Weekends any timeHabilitation and or RespiteCraycroft and RiverNeed someone who is positive, active, communicates well, & drives their own vehicle. Female provider only.
(520) 344-8233glarribas@ucpsa.orgMonday and Friday7-9 amHabilitationWilmot and StellaThis would be helping the client with a consistent shower and grooming routine (female)
(520) 344-8233glarribas@ucpsa.orgMonday Friday and SaturdayMonday and Friday are 3:30 pm - 10 pmATC36th Street and KinoEnergetic, and able to lift. The ability to laugh and enjoy silly things like making fun of Jeopardy is a plus. Personal care will be provided, assistance with light housekeeping and meal prepping for member.
(520) 344-8209frodriguez@ucpsa.orgMonday-Friday4:30 pm - 6:30 pmRespiteCanada Dr/Santa ClaraAfterschool help for family 11 year old male.
(520) 344-8218cbrowne@ucpsa.orgTBDTBDRespiteBroadway & SwanSupervision of friendly two-year-old male.
(520) 344-8218cbrowne@ucpsa.orgTBDTBDRespiteN Thornydale & W Orange Groverequires supervision to ensure member does not wander off while engaging with hallucinations. Member will have days where she'll be more able to engage with people & activities, some days, less so. She enjoys crafts & having her nails done.
(520) 344-8218cbrowne@ucpsa.orgSaturday and Sunday6 am - 9 am and 6 pm - 9 pmATCRiver & Oraclerequires support to get in/out of bed, ready for day/bed, meals, bathing, enema, C-pap, sit-to-stand lift
(520) 344-8218cbrowne@ucpsa.orgMon, Tue, Wed, Thur3pm to 5pmATCGreasewood & StarpassPlay & supervise her after school
(520) 344-8218cbrowne@ucpsa.orgFriday10 pm - 7 amATCGrant & Swanhas strained speech, requires support to pick up/prepare dinner, eat, clean up, & take meds Sunday is to help with Dinner and Friday is an overnight shift.
(520) 344-8218cbrowne@ucpsa.orgSaturday8:30 am - (end time flexible)ATCRiver & La Chollahelp with special Olympics, outings, chores, meal prep, errands, art activities, walking/fitness goals
(520) 344-8218cbrowne@ucpsa.orgSaturday and Sunday7 am - 11 amATCGolf links and PantanoPhysically maneuver, lift, & shower a female teen.
(520) 344-8218cbrowne@ucpsa.orgAny Week daytwo hours, one time per week, between 10 am & 5 pm any weekdayRespiteFt Lowell & Country ClubClient enjoys walking, outdoor activities (zoo, gardens, etc), & social time at home.
(520) 344-8218cbrowne@ucpsa.orgWednesday11 am - 2 pm or 12 pm - 3 pmRespiteThornydale and Cortaro farmsThis Wednesday shift is to take him the gym. He has a free guest pass for his staff. Encourage him to walk try new fitness activities. Help him pick a healthy lunch option afterwards.